One of the three pillars of the AGC of South Dakota Safety Academy is recognition.  As members excel or innovate in the area of safety, the AGC wants to recognize their efforts.  Recognition of excellence and innovation serves the dual purposes of promoting members who perform at high levels and sharing examples of excellence for the growth of all.   AGC of South Dakota member have three opportunities to be recognized for safety excellence in 2012. 

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The Paul Lepthien Safety Award

Paul Lepthien was a leader in the field of construction safety in the state of South Dakota.  Through knowledge, experience and action Paul set a new course for construction safety in a way that inspired those around him.  More than a knowledgeable consultant, Paul was a team-player and positive voice for safety.  For these reasons and more, he is honored annually in the giving of the Paul Lepthien Safety Award.

In addition to his knowledge and proactivity, Paul loved the construction industry.  Those who knew him well remember how Paul collected construction artifacts, retired equipment and even an old bridge.  For Paul construction safety was as much about the construction as it was about the safety.

As the first full-time Safety Director for the Associated General Contractors of South Dakota, Paul Lepthien was an example for all safety professionals that would follow.  Hired by the Building Chapter, Paul delivered safety services to both Building and Highway-Heavy-Utility Chapter members with memorable passion.  A proponent for collaboration and efficiency, Paul promoted safety to all regardless of the work they performed.

Each year the Paul Lepthien Safety Award is given to an individual who represents the qualities Paul lived out.  Knowledge, collaboration, proactivity and passion in the area of construction safety were trademarks for Paul and the winner of the Annual AGC of South Dakota Paul Lepthien Safety Award.

The Safety Academy Achievement Award (S3A)

The Safety Academy Achievement Award serves as a benchmarking tool to evaluate program development internally and compared to similar companies in the industry.  S3A will also recognize those construction companies who have achieved a new level of safety performance.  All companies are encouraged to submit regardless of size, program development or incident history. 

Where the Paul Lepthien Safety Award recognizes an individual, the Safety Academy Achievement Award recognizes a group of people or company.

The Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA)

The CSEA is a national safety award given out by the AGC of America and Willis.  The CSEA is an ongoing and evolving effort by AGC to recognize companies who have developed and implemented excellent safety and loss prevention programs achieved through management, commitment, employee involvement and program innovation.  The CSEA is one of the most prestigious construction safety awards in the United States.

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