Weekly Legislative Reports

The Associated General Contractors of South Dakota, Inc., Highway-Heavy-Utilities Chapter (AGC) has a full-time presence at the state capitol during Legislative Session. Your lobbyist (Deb Mortenson) reads all bills resolutions introduced each session.

Bills of interest to the construction industry are referred to the AGC membership with the pros and cons of the bill summarized, and a link to the full bill included. Bills are also discussed each Tuesday at 2:00 PM CT during the Weekly Legislative Conference Call. Input from members also shape AGC’s stance on each piece of legislation of interest to the construction industry. So while AGC has a full-time lobbyist, we also need to include thanks to our lobbying team, which includes the Board of Directors, the Government Affairs Committee and the membership. Here is the latest news from the Capitol as told by AGC Lobbyist, Deb Mortenson: